Today’s marketplace of ever-increasing mediums and channels means your customers can be anywhere.

Integrated marketing uses a mix of direct and indirect communication to find them. MOSAIC helps you to craft a unified message across the platforms that best match your business. Our integrated, analytics-based strategies ensure that your direct and indirect efforts come together at the place where your audience lives. Services include:

  • Brand Positioning + Messaging
  • Digital Audits + Assessments
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy + Advertising
  • Copywriting + Copyediting
  • SEO + SEM + Digital Promotion


We develop this proprietary platform to bring you streamlined on-demand marketing that your entire company can use. We customize the mPower portal to your brand and business, giving you access to dynamic, creative templates such as letterhead, postcards, business cards, ads, and more.

With mPower, your local chapters, regional offices or various branches can create personalized marketing materials that line up perfectly with your overall branding. Affiliates can easily edit, order, print, send, and download, allowing you to not only keep your marketing efforts organized, but also precisely measure their effectiveness. mPower gives you all this marketing power through a single web-based interface that can be tailored to your specific needs.

I believe marketing is only as good as the science behind it.

That’s why data and analytics are the foundation of the marketing strategies we deliver to our clients, as well as the key tools we use throughout the lifecycle of the campaign to achieve optimum results.”


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