AWHONN 50th Anniversary Campaign

The Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses is a nonprofit membership organization.

AWHONN aims to impact the healthcare industry through innovative research, education, and advocacy programs, as they are committed to the continuous advancement of both health and patient care.
  • Logo Development & Brand Identity
  • Brand Positioning & Messaging
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Content Marketing Strategy
Care for every body: celebrating the 50th Anniversary of dedicated health services for women and newborns with AWHONN's campaign.
Marketing Challenge

In an effort to celebrate their 50th anniversary as a membership organization, AWHONN was searching for a strategic partner to develop a unique and memorable marketing campaign that would effectively promote their organization, while acting as a valuable resource in supporting both their member acquisition and member retention goals.

A laptop and smartphone displaying a website for "caredolly," promoting expert prenatal and postpartum care in collaboration with AWHONN's 50th Anniversary campaign, with a tranquil black and
Strategic Solution

Knowing the intended creative and communication goals of AWHONN, MOSAIC worked on developing a strategic marketing campaign that encompasses their 50th anniversary through the following marketing and creative deliverables:

  • Narrative & Campaign Messaging
  • Membership Acquisition & Retention Strategy
  • Logo Development
  • Interactive Timeline
  • Email Messaging & Creative Development

To kick-off the 50th anniversary campaign, MOSAIC worked to develop a series of initial campaign messaging concepts that were then presented to members of the AWHONN team. After reviewing all proposed messaging concepts, the team from AWHONN selected the messaging theme of “Care Boldly”.

With a messaging theme in place, MOSAIC moved forward in developing the overall campaign messaging. This included a tagline, copy headline, along with short, medium and long copy blocks that further establish the anniversary theme.

As the anniversary campaign continues to evolve, the developed copy will effectively be leveraged within the overall strategy and across multiple marketing initiatives and channels.

AWHONN celebrates its 50th Anniversary against a backdrop of city skyline silhouette, with the organization's logo featuring an abstract representation of a pregnant woman in profile.
A triptych of tender moments and dedicated care: a close-up of a parent holding a baby's tiny feet, a family embracing in a nurturing cuddle with a newborn, and a smiling healthcare

In an effort to effectively visually represent AWHONN and their 50th anniversary, MOSAIC developed a new logo design that incorporated the campaign theme of “Care Boldly.”

The logo features the use of AWHONN’S internal brand colors accompanied by a variety of bolder colors. The introduction of bolder colors aims to represent the organization’s attention to diversity and inclusion within the realms of patient care.

The concept of diversity is also strongly represented throughout the images within the letterforms. The creative goal was to feature live images of healthcare providers, children, and women who all represented a variety of racial, ethnic, and gender backgrounds.

The images found within each letter were purposely selected to visually represent the different levels of patient care. Starting from the pregnancy (B), through the newborn stage (O) and infant care (L), to healthy infant (D), medical diagnostics (L), and finally, family (Y).

As the anniversary campaign continues to evolve, the developed logo will be leveraged across multiple marketing initiatives and channels.


To generate awareness around AWHONN and their 50th anniversary campaign, MOSAIC worked to develop an interactive timeline that acted as an online engagement piece for their intended audience. Showcasing various organizational milestones and events, along with historical information from past leaders, the timeline works to celebrate and acknowledge the significant contributions AWHONN has had over the years and their direct impact on nurses, infants, women, and the healthcare industry.

This laptop screen displays a graphic timeline for AWHONN's 50th Anniversary campaign, marking a significant historical event from 1979 with related imagery and text.

To engage existing and potential members for the 50th anniversary, MOSAIC developed a campaign landing page. Not only will the landing page showcase the interactive timeline and other relevant anniversary content, it will also leverage specific CTA’s and content to drive new membership and illustrate membership value to existing members.

Once the anniversary campaign is officially launched, MOSAIC will work to strategically track and analyze campaign performance to identify areas of optimization within the landing page.


To help support both the member acquisition and member retention goals of AWHONN, MOSAIC developed an email campaign that reached and targeted both their current and potential members through a 3-part email series.

The goal of the member retention email campaign was to effectively communicate the membership value of AWHONN while also encouraging current members to engage further with the organization.

The goal of the member acquisition campaign was to encourage potential members to join the organization while also driving through the lead generation funnel.

After the official launch of the email campaign, MOSAIC strategically tracked and analyzed campaign performance.


MOSAIC worked with the team members of AWHONN to track the email campaign performance metrics and the campaign landing pages.

  • Logo Development & Brand Identity
  • Brand Positioning & Messaging
  • Website Design & Development
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Graphic Design

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