NACD Shift

As a recognized authority on leading boardroom practices, the National Association of Corporate Directors holds an annual Global Board Leaders’ Summit.

Founded in 1971, the association has built the reputation of this professional development event throughout the decades to include such distinguished speakers as Madeleine Albright, Brené Brown, and Seth Goldman.
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Colorful and modern NACD Shift infographic brochures spread out diagonally across a two-tone yellow and dark gray background, showcasing vibrant graphics and statistical data.

NACD considers the Summit a premiere conference, and in 2012, they sought MOSAIC’s assistance in developing extraordinary printed materials befitting such an event. Working together with the association and drawing from our vast expertise in special effects printing, MOSAIC conceptualized unique and original event material packets.


To create their event material packets, we used various cutting-edge techniques for printing booklets, folders, and binders containing key logistical information. Partially concealed and foiled stamped covers make the event branding stand out, while soft-touch laminate finishing makes the materials feel luxurious to the touch.

We incorporate one central design concept across the cover of each booklet, the content within it, and the design of the association’s booth at the Summit. Then, we tie all of it together for a polished, unified look that establishes the event as a top-notch experience.

Each year that the NACD has worked with MOSAIC, they have seen this yearly event sell out completely. Their audience knows this high-quality Summit is not to be missed. In addition to providing unusual ways to create traditional event products, we also collaborate with the association on innovative features for their direct mail campaigns, such as sleek, clear envelopes.

An open program guide for a professional event titled "NACD Shift," showcasing the schedule for September 12 on the left and a vibrant cover design on the right.

Our organization-and-brand-partner relationship has developed to include supporting their smaller regional conferences and seminars throughout the year, which afford us more opportunities to differentiate their brand, put a new spin on their events, and consistently deliver unique products the membership has never seen before.

  • Marketing Collateral
  • Direct Mail
  • Graphic Design
  • Event Collateral
  • Digital Print
  • Print Design

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