EU Holiday Cookbook

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A Holiday Cookbook, in both print and digital formats, collaborating with ambassadors and chefs from the 27 EU embassies to curate traditional holiday recipes and bring the cultural richness of European traditions directly into the homes of our American friends.

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A modern laptop displayed against a yellow background, showing a website with EU Holiday Recipes for "empanada mince".

The challenge presented was to orchestrate the creation of a Holiday Cookbook, a harmonious blend of print and digital media. The task involved collaborating with ambassadors and chefs from the 27 EU embassies, tasked with gathering a diverse array of traditional recipes for holiday dishes, drinks, and desserts. The ultimate aim was to seamlessly transport the essence of these culinary traditions across the Atlantic, fostering a connection between the cultural heritage of the European Union and the homes of our American friends during the holiday season.

A digital collage showcasing a variety of delectable dishes from an EU Holiday Cookbook on a recipe website with a red and white color theme, offering culinary inspiration for food enthusiasts.


Our strategy focused on crafting a Holiday Cookbook that not only celebrates the culinary richness of the 27 EU member countries but also maximizes engagement through both tangible and virtual platforms. Working closely with EU, we aimed to curate an authentic collection that captures the essence of holiday traditions. The integration of a dedicated website offered an interactive extension, providing users with a dynamic space to explore, share, and immerse themselves in the cultural tapestry of these recipes. This dual approach ensured a comprehensive and accessible experience for a diverse audience.

Festive holiday baking concept with a Christmas cookie cutter, dried oranges, cinnamon, and cranberries on a dark background, evoking a warm and cozy atmosphere for an EU Holiday Recipes cookbook cover.


The solution materialized as a captivating Holiday Cookbook, seamlessly bridging the realms of print and online media. The print version served as a timeless tangible and aesthetically pleasing keepsake, while the website offered a dynamic platform for exploration and interaction. Through this project, we successfully achieved the goal of bringing the warmth and flavor of the 27 EU embassies’ holiday traditions directly into the homes of our American audience, fostering cultural exchange and connection during the festive season.

A bowl of golden-brown, sugar-dusted fritule, a traditional Croatian pastry from European cuisine, evoking the warmth of the country's hospitality and holiday cooking.
A page from a holiday cooking guide featuring a recipe for Croatian-style doughnuts called "fritule" with ingredients and preparation steps. The page is categorized under "dessert" in the EU holiday

European Union Holiday Cookbook

The following recipes were hand-selected and developed for this curated collection by the chefs, ambassadors, and embassies of the European Union Member States in Washington, D.C.

A special thanks to our friends and colleagues for sharing their stories, special holiday memories, and passed-down family recipes for this cookbook.

An open cookbook against a yellow background, displaying a "welcome to the EU Holiday Recipes cookbook" page on the left and the "table of contents" on the right, featuring a picturesque European cityscape
A travel magazine spread open to a feature on Slovakia, with a vibrant image of a bustling city square during sunset on the left and Holiday Recipes for Slovak Christmas cinnamon stars on the right.
Open EU Holiday Cookbook featuring a culinary theme with a focus on Spain, showcasing a recipe for Spanish almond yule log cake alongside vibrant images of traditional Spanish food and picturesque winter scenery.
An open cookbook featuring recipes from Denmark with a vibrant full-page image of a culinary dish on the left and text content on the right, laid on a red background.
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Full Bindery & Finishing
  • Print Design

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