DEU Kids
Euro Fest

Branding for one of the largest efforts for the DEU, Kids Euro Fest is a yearly centerpiece for community outreach.

Creating a unified and inclusive brand identity for the European Union during Kids Euro Fest, producing compelling branding, graphics, and event signage that appealed to both parents and children, enhancing the overall festive and memorable experience.

  • Logo Development & Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Design
A vibrant promotional graphic for "DEU Kids Euro Fest" featuring a colorful logo with playful elements like a paintbrush, musical note, and soccer ball on a dark blue background, and branded circular stickers

Our challenge was to craft a compelling branding strategy for one of the DEU’s most significant initiatives, Kids Euro Fest. This annual event serves as a cornerstone for community outreach, requiring a visual identity that not only represents the European Union but also captures the vibrant, inclusive spirit of this festive occasion. The challenge further extended to developing event signage that resonates with both parents and children, embodying the essence of fun and energy associated with the festival.

Colorful logo of the "DEU Kids Euro Fest" featuring playful stars hanging from strings, suggesting a fun and lively event for children celebrating European culture.
A colorful and playful logo for "DEU Kids Euro Fest" featuring whimsical lettering, musical notes, stars, and a drawing of an airplane, suggesting a child-friendly European festival with diverse cultural
Colorful collage showcasing the DEU Kids Euro Fest logo in four variations, each set against a vibrant background of blue, red, orange, and green.

To address this challenge, we devised a comprehensive strategy that revolves around creating visually engaging graphics synonymous with the lively and inclusive atmosphere of Kids Euro Fest. Our approach was to utilize a dopamine color palette, infusing the graphics with vibrant hues that evoke a sense of excitement and joy. By strategically incorporating these colors and graphics, we aimed to convey the enthusiasm and energy inherent in the festival.

Two colorful banners promoting the "DEU Kids Euro Fest," a cultural festival with activities for children, featuring dates and website information against a backdrop of vibrant graphics.

The ultimate solution manifested in the form of branding with captivating graphics that adorned the event space, radiating the desired fun and inclusivity. The dopamine color palette played a pivotal role in establishing a visually appealing and cohesive brand identity for the European Union during Kids Euro Fest. The event signage, carefully designed with both parents and children in mind, successfully encapsulated the festive spirit, ensuring a memorable and engaging experience for the more than 6,000 children and their families who participate in Kids Euro Fest each year. The collaboration with the 27 European Union member countries, the EU Delegation to the United States, Washington Performing Arts, and DC Public Libraries was instrumental in bringing this vibrant vision to life.

Color palette ideal for the DEU Kids Festival, featuring various shades and hex color codes, including blues, greens, yellows, oranges, reds, and purples, alongside examples of knockout
  • Logo Development & Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Design

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