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In May 2014, commercial landscaping giants ValleyCrest and Brickman joined forces to form BrightView.

The single largest commercial landscape company in the U.S. and a $2.5 billion entity, with more than 21,000 employees and 250 branches, the new company became a major force overnight.
  • Branded Merchandise & Apparel
  • Branded Online Storefronts
  • Event Giveaways
  • Print-On-Demand Storefront
  • Tradeshow Displays

A year later, BrightView faced significant re-branding issues due to the merger. The problems mainly surfaced because the branches had different understandings of the company’s identity and messaging. Branches were purchasing print, marketing, and promotional collateral from different companies, and internal and external communication was decentralized. These issues presented roadblocks to cohesive branding. BrightView needed a central source for obtaining and creating brand assets that would provide a consistent corporate identity and the means to customize the materials to individual branches. Because the branches were purchasing needed items from various local sources, BrightView was unable to reap the benefits of economies-of-scale pricing. Lastly, the lack of visibility into all the expenditures across their 250 branches made it difficult for BrightView to handle its expenses.


Using our mPower platform, MOSAIC created a new BrightView Business Center, a full-service solution for all their branding needs. This brand management portal enables BrightView branches to order a wide variety of marketing and promotional materials from one online store.
The Business Center includes both print-ready collateral as well as MOSAIC-designed customizable templates that can be tailored to each individual branch. All items, from HR materials to email campaigns, are consistent with the BrightView brand. Lastly, the Business Center functions as cloud storage for BrightView’s logos, data, and marketing images. This further enables BrightView to achieve streamlined branding and cut costs, despite the extreme differences between their local branches across the U.S.

MOSAIC continues to develop the core functionalities of the Business Center to meet BrightView’s ongoing needs. One feature that helps further reduce expenses is the Partner Products function, which gives branches the ability to order fleet services, employee uniforms, and electronics from other companies at pre-negotiated volume–discount prices. Another feature is a Cost Center Validation tool that helps employees bill the correct departments by auto-populating fields from their user profiles to ensure accuracy during the checkout process. This function provides BrightView leadership insight into their costs across all branches by category. MOSAIC has also integrated a Help Desk function, which gives BrightView direct access to a team of experts for one-off orders, questions, and requests via email or phone.


MOSAIC’s mPower solution has enabled BrightView to instill a deep comprehension of their brand among employees. The brand identity is now easily communicated and consistent across all branches. The BrightView Business Center has 5,000+ users and grows daily.

The Business Center has increased internal efficiency and streamlined BrightView’s approach to managing change. MOSAIC’s multimedia videos and online modules provide the BrightView sales force with an effective way to position their brand and convey their services.

MOSAIC has continued to study the brand and the industry. We regularly take necessary steps to ensure that the strategy we offer remains relevant to BrightView’s business. With MOSAIC as its brand partner, BrightView has been able to leverage technology to cut costs, scale their team, and increase market share and revenue.

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  • Social Media Strategy
  • Brand Positioning & Messaging
  • Copywriting + Copyediting
  • Digital Audits & Assessments

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BrightView Storefront

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