Political Campaign Printing

In this world of online politics, MOSAIC makes print more impactful than ever!

Whether it’s pamphlets sparking activism or mailers getting folks fired up, MOSAIC’s advanced print technology can influence your political campaign’s go-to-market strategy.

    MOSAIC can be the difference!

    MOSAIC is a proud Union printer located minutes from Washington, D.C. We have over 75 years of experience working with progressive campaigns, community organizers, Labor Unions, and political consultants. MOSAIC has the print technology and expertise to execute a wide range of political campaign print collateral and custom promotional products.

    With our high-speed, inkjet, and automated finishing lines, MOSAIC can produce collateral quicker than our competitors. Faster production means we can get your message into voters’ hands quicker than ever before.

    MOSAIC’s high-speed inkjet press also has incredible variable-data capabilities. Talk with our design and marketing experts about how to let your data work for you, and how to leverage your mailing list to maximize impact.

    Our combination of speed and variable-data capabilities alone will change your go-to-market strategy. Add in our print technology, and our in-house experts, MOSAIC can give you a competitive edge!

    An embroidered u.s. flag patch attached to a dark blue denim fabric, with detailed stitching visible on the flag and denim texture.

    Printing and apparel: All made in the USA. All Union decorated.

    You can be proud to partner with MOSAIC. We are a 100% employee-owned, Union printer. Choosing a union printer for your political campaign offers numerous benefits, including showing your support for workers’ rights, high-quality services, and a properly trained workforce.

    Looking for USA-made and Union-decorated promotional products and apparel? MOSAIC has an in-house promo team with decades of experience to guide you through the myriad of products available. They know the most dependable manufacturers and the best quality decorators in the industry. Put their knowledge to work for you.

    Supporting MOSAIC also means you are supporting a local business, and you get the opportunity to display the Union Label. Another benefit is that MOSAIC has close relationships with many unions and their affiliated partners. This gives us valuable insights.  

    These factors can enhance the effectiveness of your campaign messaging and help you connect with voters who share your values and priorities.


    Our clients are talking...

    A minimalist line drawing of a cat, designed for a landing page, featuring its outline, one eye, and whiskers in a stylized form.

    We can be an extension of your team!

    We understand that bandwidth can be hard to come by. With one call, you get access to a team of creative and production professionals that can take the pressure off.