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Over the last several weeks, MOSAIC has witnessed first-hand the monumental impact current events are having on both our clients and their organizations. With an ever-changing landscape, many of our clients are finding themselves quickly scrambling to rethink their current marketing efforts and outreach initiatives.

One client in particular faced an immense marketing hurdle when they needed to pivot from their highly anticipated print publication. Not only was our client faced with having to pause on a revenue driving print publication, but the entire outreach strategy that accompanied that publication also had to change.

As their partner, we knew that we needed to develop a game plan to overcome this hurdle and we needed to do it fast.

After an internal regroup, our team decided that the most effective and immediate way to help our client through this challenge was to take their current print strategy and adapt it into a hybrid strategy that included a new digital distribution plan.

With our client on board, MOSAIC worked to implement the following strategy:

Online Digital Publication and Distribution Strategy

We knew that one of the quickest ways to ensure readers received access to their publication was to post it online. We immediately leveraged a digital publication platform along with several key content distribution strategies. To help extend the reach of our client’s publication, we provided them with specific email, digital content and ad strategies and support to directly engage their readers.

One of the most noticeable benefits of moving our client’s strategy to a digital platform was visibility into the analytics. With analytics in place, our clients were able to effectively track visitors to their pages, review purchases, determine audience behavior and gain a sense of which content readers were accessing the most. Armed with that data, our client is currently able to make sound business decisions around ways to maximize the visibility of their content.

 Mulit-Channel Social Media Campaigns

In tandem with our email and distribution strategy, we knew we needed to leverage the client’s social media platforms. We provided our client with guidance on how to reach their general targeted audience, but also helped them see that this was a new opportunity to expand their reach into audiences that weren’t familiar with their organization or publications.  We also incorporated a social media lead generation strategy using forms to capture readers’ information. This strategy allowed our client to expand their emails lists with qualified leads so that future marketing efforts are more effective.

 Mobile App

Finally, to help our client communicate directly with their subscribed readers, we are discussing a branded organizational app. Having an app directly tied to their organization provides readers with the opportunity to directly access content whenever they want. In addition to posting their current publication content, our client could leverage the app as a communication tool and provide updates about other organizational initiatives. By enabling the app’s push notifications our client could generate a higher level of attention around their content.

Together with our client, our team was able to successfully relaunch the previous print publication strategy into a newly developed hybrid one that includes a shorter print run and a digital strategy.

If you’re currently facing a similar scenario within your organization – we’d love to help! We know that during these difficult times it can be challenging to rethink your traditional strategy and approaches.

But rest assured you are not alone! Our team is here and ready to support you however you need us. Together we can ensure that you’re still reaching your audience in the most effective ways possible.



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