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In the age of social distancing where traditional means of communications have been placed on hold, many associations find themselves searching for new and innovative ways to connect and engage with their members.

Over the past few weeks, as current events continue to unfold, MOSAIC has been working alongside several of our association clients to help them reimagine their current engagement efforts.

One of our biggest initiatives has been leveraging the use of a mobile app. Known as Combobulate ENGAGE, this uniquely customized iOS and Android mobile platform is powerful and intuitive and can quickly be set up within 2-3 weeks. Combobulate is a cost-effective solution that makes it easy for associations to combine both their communication and engagement efforts into one centralized hub. Here are just a few ways we are working with our association clients to leverage the app for their outreach efforts.

Management of Member Data:

One of the key foundations for any association is its members. This means that in order to effectively communicate with your members, it’s imperative to have strong management of your member data. The Combobulate mobile app makes it easy for associations to both organize and maintain their current membership data. Interfacing with most external membership databases, the app allows associations to easily track and streamline information to their members. For example, informing members on their current status, providing notifications about upcoming renewals and verifying contact information that’s currently associated with a members account. With accurate information on hand you can help ensure that your members are in the know about their membership and well equipped to make any personal updates to their account.

Timely and Effective Outreach:

With the rise in digital consumption, one of the quickest and most effective ways associations can reach members is through their mobile devices. Leveraging a variety of digital touchpoints, Combobulate makes it easy for associations to communicate with members in a timely and continuous manner. Send push notifications to inform members about recent updates and utilize text messaging to highlight relevant organizational resources. The benefits of leveraging push notifications are that your communications are active, versus passively sitting in an inbox. By frequently sending communications through a reliable channel your members will start to view their mobile app as a central point of engagement with your organization.

Generating New Experiences:

As associations continue to experience the postponement and cancellation of large gatherings such as annual meetings and conferences, the efforts to still create meaningful experiences for members has become top priority. Through the Combobulate app, associations have the ability to do just that. Using the customized audience feature, you’re able to segment your audience to distribute relevant content, easily connect members, and provide members with up-to-date information that matters to them. The end result is a truly personalized user experience that meets the specific needs of your member.

If your association is currently searching for new and innovative ways to connect with members, let’s talk! Our team at MOSAIC would be happy to schedule a call to further discuss the needs of your organization and how a mobile app may be the right platform to reach your engagement goals.

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