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Ah, the giveaway follower increase. There’s nothing quite like the rush you get when you see an influx of followers pour in and excitedly engage with your content. All that excitement can make you feel like you’re on top of the world—that is right up until the giveaway ends and you realize you’re not sure what to do with this new broader audience.

Now that there isn’t an incentive to follow you, how do you convince your newfound follower base to stick around? It may seem daunting, but fear not! We’ve outlined three tips to help you hang on to your new followers after a giveaway.

Lean into the Loss

Let’s be honest: About one-third or one-half of the followers you gain after a giveaway are likely going to hit unfollow the second the winner is announced. It’s almost inevitable, so why not lean into the loss? Acknowledge the potential loss by posting a witty or heartfelt “Before You Go” message for your followers. Creatively outline your value proposition and why you think you’re worth the follow. By acknowledging the reality of the situation, you’re likely to garner a chuckle out of your followers and at the very least gain their admiration. Who knows, you may even acquire some new followers!

Poll Your Followers

Before you announce the winner of your giveaway, set up a poll within your Instagram story, Twitter account, or website to reach out and ask followers what kinds of content they’d like to see from you. While you may not get a response from every one of your new followers, the people who do respond will provide a  good indication as to what kind of content will make them stick around.

When you think about it, it’s a win-win situation: Your followers will get a say in what shows up in their feed, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the content you’re posting is providing your followers with a sense of entertainment, enjoyment, and value.

Know Your Audience

Do a bit of research and look at the hashtags your new followers regularly use. Hashtags may seem like window dressing for your posts, but they serve a powerful purpose. When someone clicks on a hashtag on any social network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), they’re exposed to all other public posts that include the same hashtag. For businesses, this proves to be incredibly valuable, as using strategic hashtags can expose your content to a wider audience of individuals. If someone searches for a hashtag you used, your pose—and potentially even your profile—can be found by someone you never would have reached without hashtags. Seeing that your target market regularly searches #smallbiz or #buylocal? Using those hashtags on your posts could help you be found by someone who fits your target audience profile without paying a dime. Being strategic and purposeful with your hashtags not only helps better organize your content, but also provides you a better idea of who your audience is. By showing followers in a subtle way that you understand their interests through your use of hashtags, you make a better case for why they should stick around long after the giveaway ends.


The increase in followers you receive after a giveaway doesn’t have to disappear the moment the prize does. By following these three suggestions, both you and your audience will end up satisfied.

Looking for more tips tailored to your organization’s needs? We have you covered! Our team has the social media know-how to help you hold on to your audience long after your contest ends. Contact us today!

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