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A Bit of Nostalgia to Start Things Off

Think back to the time having an iPhone meant you were really fancy. These days you can hardly find someone who doesn’t have a smart phone. Whether you are team Android or Apple, one fact remains the same—you, my friend, are part of the ever-growing mobile audience. You’re part of the reason mobile website design is imperative to successful business.

As the number of worldwide mobile users continues to increase, it is more and more important to focus on site performance. Delays in loading can cause users to move on to a different website. That means you lose out on their business. Think of this as a 100 meter dash—the athlete who runs at the fastest speed in the least amount of time wins the race. You pretty much have to be the Usain Bolt of websites in order to compete in the search race.

Google launched something the kids call “Mobilegeddon” (not to be confused with any Michael Bay movie). This search update sorts websites based on website responsiveness to improve search results on mobile devices. If your website is not built for mobile, it will not be prioritized. If your site is built for mobile, you’ll likely get more traffic. Moreover, you get a fun badge next to your listing in the search results. It alerts users that your site is up to par for a mobile experience.

Why the Medium Matters

Yes, the algorithm only affects searches on mobile devices. Albeit, more than half of all Google searches are now completed on a mobile device. Companies and organizations that do not have superior mobile website design are likely to suffer losses. Google’s update has the potential to make or break your site traffic. Correspondingly, you need to consider how much search affects marketing. You need a brand partner who understands the relationships between consumer behavior and marketing strategy.

All your sites and content must be concise and smart. Without those two components, you’ll fall behind the curve. Optimize all the pages on your site, including your blog and any custom landing pages, for mobile devices. That way you can ensure that users are getting the most out of their mobile searches and that your business continues to stay at the top of everyone’s list.

Sites Are Static, Social is Not

Your website is a crucial component of your business. However, it’s important to do everything possible to connect with the right audience at the right place and the right time. Use social media to increase your site traffic. With your website, users are searching for you, but they may not find you. With social media, you are searching for them and that’s often more successful. Click to contact us if you would like to partner with MOSAIC to update your website, manage your social media, or both!

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