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No Life Without Logos

Logos are part of worldwide culture and an intrinsic part of our personal lives. They represent our first car and favorite pair of sneakers. They are featured on the sweaters we wear when we you scream at the TV. We see them on the cell phones we can’t go a day without. Logos represent the best place to grab a quick meal. We see hundreds of logos every single day, but only the best earn our trust and loyalty. Some of us are so devoted to our brands we will pay a higher price for their products, or drive out of our way to find them. After all, there really is a difference between Hershey chocolate and Nestlé chocolate… but it could just be the logo design.

What Makes the Difference

What factors make a product memorable instead of forgettable (or even regrettable)? Career Expert Jocelyn Giangrande lists five factors that create a winning brand:

  1. Brands are fragile.
  2. A brand is a promise to deliver.
  3. Always be prepared and have a great attitude.
  4. Perfect the art of self-promotion.
  5. Differentiate yourself from the competition.

Logos are to a brand what your first impression is to an interviewer. Good or bad logo design can affect your entire brand image (which is why brands are considered fragile).

Where to Start with a Logo

Giangrande continues, “Identify your customer and what you want them to think of/remember about you.” Most companies sketch or design a logo, then hold it up against current designs in other brand elements to see whether it fits. Instead, begin the process with writing down the message you want your logo to convey. “Such a symbol is meaningless until your company can communicate to consumers what its underlying associations are,” says Americus Reed.

After you have established the underlying associations you are aiming for, you can begin designing toward that goal. Make it clean and functional. Entrepreneur says your logo should “work as well on a business card as on the side of a truck.” Consider an icon instead of a detailed photograph, because if they are enlarged they may be hard to see. Your logo design should illustrate your business’s key benefit to consumers. For example, “The ‘Lightning Bolt Printing’ logo should convey the business benefit of ultra-fast printing services.”

Keep Customers Central

Keeping it simple makes it easy for customers to spot your product or service when it’s side by side with competitors. This will increase visibility, help reinforce your image and gradually lead to more business. Creating or redesigning a logo is a fun and rewarding process, just remember to keep your customers as your first focus. Are you interested in working with MOSAIC on your logo? Contact us here.

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