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Create a recognizable brand, execute brand strategy, strengthen online presence & improve apprenticeship awareness.

  • Website Design & Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Brand Positioning & Messaging
  • Copywriting & Copyediting
  • Digital Audits & Assessments

As an organization with roots that go back to the early 1900s, NABTU was interested in completely re-vamping its branding and online presence. They wanted to better reflect the organization’s on-going commitment to build stronger industry and community partnerships, as well as showcase the foundation on which these partnerships are developed: NABTU’s world-class apprenticeship training and education infrastructure. NABTU sought to establish a brand identity and message that was wholly consistent across its local organizations with new messaging, effective promotion, and a fresh online presence to engage its target audiences.

The NABTU website lacked an effective SEO strategy and analytics, mobile compatibility, and effective content. In addition, each of their 300+ local councils had their own individual websites with different styles and logo variations. Lastly, NABTU messaging was inconsistent across social channels.


MOSAIC tackled NABTU’s branding first, creating a strong logo that is easily recognizable. We also developed a brand management portal councils can use to order branded collateral they can personalize to the needs of their individual council.

MOSAIC then created a content strategy for the NABTU website, consolidating the information and making the copy more readable for users. We built new sections and custom pages, improved the search function, and reworked the interactive program locations map. MOSAIC also configured the site with Google Analytics and optimized both the front and back ends of the site. The finishing touch was to make the website mobile-friendly.

Along with the main NABTU website, MOSAIC created a templated version for the councils that enables them to purchase a new, full-featured branded website at a fraction of what it would cost to build a site from scratch. They also can launch their new site in just a few weeks.

MOSAIC took NABTU’s communications into overdrive by designing custom presentation kits to promote their apprenticeship and training programs. NABTU is now armed with video, slide decks, infographics, and more to convey the value and benefits they provide.

MOSAIC initiated email marketing campaigns and a monthly newsletter to keep NABTU front of mind with its members and create additional avenues for sharing key information. Finally, MOSAIC helped NABTU kick off paid search advertising by targeting ad groups through keywords and using social media to drive traffic.


NABTU’s audience uses the website as a resource center, with traffic coming in from every direction as a result of SEO and SEM efforts. The pages on the NABTU site related to apprenticeships now account for 4 of the top 7 most visited pages. By using Google Analytics, NABTU now has insights to inform audience benchmarks.

The NABTU branding and marketing strategy is now cohesive across all channels: websites, social media, and email communications. These different channels now work synergistically for NABTU’s continued growth and success. NABTU has seen an increase in brand awareness, sign-ups, and search rankings, both organic and paid. They are also experiencing buy-in from their councils, who contact them about replicating their new website to align their operations with the refreshed branding, including widespread use of the new logo.

  • Website Design & Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Brand Positioning & Messaging
  • Copywriting & Copyediting
  • Digital Audits & Assessment

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