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Atypical Tips

There’s a ton of info out there between blogs, PDF downloads, infographics and more. The vast majority of all this content-related content will tell you overall best practices or walk you through new features of the major social media networks. Below we have compiled some hard-won Twitter tips and tricks we had to learn on our own along the way. These are things that don’t immediately come to mind when thinking about your Twitter strategy, but become apparent once you read them from another source. Learn from our history with social media to plan the future of yours!

Your Company

  • Before you load up your account with your own tweets, have you considered looking up what your customers are saying about you on social media? Do some research on yourself, your own product(s) or services. See what conversations are already happening before you engage your customers. Be authentic and believable. You will become believable only after you have established trust. Do this by listening, observing, and learning their dynamics.
  • Beyond a marketing strategy, focus on the higher organizational goals that brought the strategy into existence. Remember the broad direction your company wants to go in as you plan each individual step.

The Platform

  • Social media users love being a part of an exclusive crowd. Use behind the scenes content to promote the feeling of exclusivity.
  • The majority of people use Twitter to be informed or entertained—or both at the same time. Your intel has to be valuable, yes. Puns, humor and great quotations are also a must.
  • Ride the right trends on Twitter. Determine which hashtags are the most relevant to your products or services. If the user can tell you included a hashtag more for gaining followers than for helping customers, your account comes off as disingenuous.

Your Content

  • Make it effortlessly and irresistibly sharable. Post something they would want to tell all their friends about. Give your followers good reasons to reach out to their followers about you.
  • Contests and sweepstakes are a great way to generate buzz. You can run the contest through your website and promote through Twitter or run the contest on the social media platform itself. Both will increase interest and engagement.
  • Utilize a social media calendar to help you plan content and get in the habit of tweeting regularly. For example: M- promotions, T- staff highlight, W- helpful tips, TR-customer spotlight, F- feature (#FF), Sat- industry/spotlight, Sun- community highlight.

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