Electrical Training Alliance



In 1941 the electrical industry’s largest labor organizations—the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)—created the National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (NJATC). This Committee was tasked with developing standardized training in the electrical industry to ensure that IBEW members remained a highly skilled workforce abreast of ongoing developments in the industry.

Over the decades, the NJATC successfully achieved their mission and along the way evolved into more than the original concept for the committee: it became an alliance of not only over 300 training centers across the U.S. and Canada, but also more than 100 industry partners and manufacturers as well as dozens of educational institutions. After experiencing this significant growth in constituency, the NJATC came to realize their original name and previous branding did not effectively communicate their evolved identity and mission to all stakeholders or the public at large.


MOSAIC embarked on a comprehensive discovery process with NJATC leadership to identify an unforgettable, powerful name and brand that aligned with their evolved mission. The result was the new name, Electrical Training Alliance, which their leadership said, “better reflects the reality of our organization and the way we do business.”

Once the name was chosen, MOSAIC created a dynamic new logo to symbolize both the industry as a whole and the working relationship between the varied parties that make up the Alliance. To facilitate an effective organizational transition, our deliverables included a brand style guide and custom video explaining the change, used in the unveiling of the new brand during its annual National Training Institute conference.


In their press release regarding the change, Electrical Training Alliance leadership shared that the timing of the re-branding coincided strategically with the transformation of the organization’s apprenticeship model. In tandem, the two undertakings enabled the Alliance to more accurately convey the scope and breadth of what they offer to members, partners, and students. These public remarks on the importance of re-branding ended with: “Our new name… will better allow us to meet the needs of the electrical industry and our customers.”

Changing the name and brand of our 75-year-old organization was a big deal.

We turned to MOSAIC because of their intimate knowledge of our organization and their ability to create a brand that will be both foundational and inspirational for coming generations. The project was handled professionally, collaboratively, and with results that exceeded our expectations.”

Todd Stafford
Executive Director, electrical training ALLIANCE

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