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MOSAIC’s Commitment to You 

Earth Day has historically been the time when environmental sustainability, conservation, and eco-friendly practices are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. In recent years, however, people have begun thinking about ecological issues more frequently. As the number of people incorporating eco-friendly practices into their daily routine rises, there is an increasing expectation for businesses to do the same. A 2015 Nielson Global Corporate Sustainability report found that 4 in 5 Americans agree that corporations have a responsibility to conduct their business in a way that minimizes their environmental impact. More and more, consumers want their companies not just to say they care, but to act on it.

From our founding in 1948 through today, MOSAIC prides itself on our culture of caring. While this applies to the intense attention to detail and genuine passion we bring to our clients, it also extends to our commitment to the environment. Our philosophy is to think globally and act locally; examining the pressing problems affecting the environment worldwide and finding ways to enact solutions on a local scale. MOSAIC’s continual review of our operations and procedures has inspired the implementation of countless eco-friendly and client-friendly initiatives. 

Solvent Recovery System 

A solvent recovery system is a multi-stage distillation process that takes the liquid waste generated by our printing presses and extracts useful raw materials back out of the product waste stream. While the process itself may seem simple, our solvent recovery system has made a considerable impact. By recovering 90% of our press solvents, MOSAIC’s system has drastically reduced the amount of waste from what would be 118 drums to less than one drum annually. Solvent recovery systems cut down the use of raw materials by recovering chemicals that can be reused in production, saving a myriad of natural and fiscal resources.

Carbon Neutral Policy

It’s no secret that almost everything we do releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Humans generate a carbon footprint (the amount of CO2 and other carbon compounds emitted by a person or group) through many activities, but mainly through the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, or natural gas. Our carbon neutral policy is two-fold: while we consistently invoke new ways to reduce our footprint, we also find ways to offset it. Over the course of a year, we calculate how much energy we have used in running our business, which is on average 2.0 million kilowatts of power. Then, we buy an equivalent amount in companies that invest in wind power.

MOSAIC also looks at all the ways in which we have generated CO2 each year—from employee’s commutes, the gas used to heat our offices, flight times when traveling, and everything in between—and calculate our collective carbon emissions. We purchase and invest in local companies and programs that engage in and innovate environmentally-conscious practices, making us 100% carbon neutral.

Landfill Gas Capture Programs

Our most recent program supports the New River Landfill Project in Dublin, Virginia. Like most of its kind, this 930-acre regional landfill creates a gas mixture of methane and CO2. What sets the New River Landfill apart is that the gas generated is collected, burned, and used to power up to a dozen generators. These generators produce on average 2.2 megawatts per hour—or enough energy to sustain 1,300 homes. Not only is this an efficient alternative fuel source, but, more importantly, our investment in New River’s landfill gas capture program has prevented 3,512,776 pounds of CO2 from being emitted, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions annually to the equivalent of 263,000 barrels of oil.

EPA Green Power Partnership Program

MOSAIC is proud to be certified by several prestigious environmental organizations, including the Environmental Protection Agency. Our green power resources boast both a superior environmental profile compared to conventional power generation as well as a production process with no human-caused emissions. We are also certified by the Rainforest Alliance to the Forest Stewardship Council Standard. This certification means MOSAIC sources paper from forests that protect endangered species, have portions of land set aside as forest reserves, are areas of high conservation value, and respect the rights of local communities and indigenous peoples. In the spirit of thinking globally and acting locally, we additionally follow FSC guidelines that determine how, when, and where timber and non-timber forest products are harvested.

Energy Efficiency

In our ongoing commitment to improving our environment, all the lights in our 50,000-square foot facility are LED. According to the Department of Energy, LED lights can save up to 75% less energy than traditional light sources and bulbs. This eco-friendly method of illuminating our facility helps reduce MOSAIC’s carbon footprint since LED lights require less energy consumption, are 100% recyclable, contain no toxic materials, and produce little to no emissions.

At MOSAIC, we believe #EarthDayEveryday is more than just a hashtag; it’s a promise. A promise to continue exploring and employing environmentally-conscious practices, a promise to offer others the tools to become eco-friendlier, and ultimately, a promise to deliver a final product that feels as good as it looks.

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