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The Culprit

We’ve all received that kind of marketing email: one that you don’t even remember signing up for, that is promoting an event or product you’d never be interested in, and is so irrelevant to your life that you either delete immediately or stop then and there to click the Unsubscribe link.

This is marketing automation gone wrong and your company can come off as self-serving, outdated, or even intrusive. You could end up alienating potential customers rather than pulling them in. How can you avoid this?

The Solution

Don’t set it and forget it. Remain user-centered: continually refine your automation so it leads customers into self-identifying what they want to read and how often.

Do the work on the front-end to make this process as customized as possible. In the long run, you’ll see higher engagement and retention. Use name fields to personalize the email content, be consistent in your messaging, and stay on top of responding to questions and comments.

One More Thing

If you’re linking to social channels, thank your followers for liking, following or giving input. Your audience likes to know that they are being heard. Make thanking your customers for their interest a recurring part of your content strategy.

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