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How many different promotional products, or branded items do you see when you look around your living and workspace?

You may have a company pen and notepad that you use for meetings, your favorite coffee mug, or a reusable grocery bag you use to carry things to work. Promo is relevant in all aspects of our daily lives, constantly surrounding us and driving subconscious marketing decisions. According to PRWeb, “77% of consumers purchase items based on their brand name.” Branded promotional products promote brand awareness and keep a brand top-of-mind with consumers and prospective audiences when making those decisions.

There are five key reasons why marketers, sales personnel, and human resource departments should add promotional products to their campaigns and strategies.

1. Low cost and effective marketing

Promotional Products are a great low-cost, effective marketing tool to reach a larger audience and are the only medium that can touch all five senses. Plus, an additional sense of ownership exists when an item is gifted to a person.

With a wide selection of promo products to choose from, companies can choose and personalize items that align with their brand messaging and target audience. As a result, Promo products are often used daily, providing continual brand exposure for the company and allowing for an increase in brand awareness. Additionally, personalized promo products have a high perceived value, making them useful gifts as clients, employees, and prospects feel appreciated.

Overall, promotional products offer an excellent return on investment and are an efficient way for companies to increase brand recognition and awareness

2. Works as your business card

When designing your promotional product, not only can you include your name and logo but also a tagline, a phone number, a website, and more. Including this type of information on your products can allow your promo to also work as a business card.

63% of consumers give away their received promo products when not needed, so not only does the product have one touch point, but it has multiple touch points over the course of its life span. (Wood)

For example, letting a colleague borrow your pen, how many times do they end up keeping your pen? If that pen were a branded product, the company would have increased its brand awareness by two more impressions.

3. Greater Exposure of your Business

In the United States, 8 out of 10 people have at least one promo product from a brand. (Richter)

By placing branded merchandise and apparel into the hands of your employees, customers, and prospects, you turn them into your brand ambassadors and create a memorable representation of your company’s brand. This representation and repeat exposure are key to expanding your brand awareness and can lead to higher brand recognition and recall.

When your “brand ambassadors” use the branded promotional products in their daily lives, they serve as walking advertisements for the company, spreading brand awareness to others in their personal and professional networks.

Audiences who may not have interacted with your brand prior to seeing the promo are now exposed to your brand’s name and likeability, allowing companies to reach a wider audience and create an impression.

Overall, promotional products are a cost-effective and impactful way to increase brand awareness and build a strong, recognizable brand identity.

4. Instant Brand Recognition

89% of consumers can remember the advertisers as long as two years after receiving a promo product. (Kadambatta)

Branded promotional products can speak volumes about your company and grant instant brand recognition with their name and logo. Increasing brand recognition can help generate subconscious marketing decisions because consumers will engage with brand names they are familiar with rather than unfamiliar brands.

Promotional products provide a physical reminder of a company’s brand leading to higher recognition and recall. Furthermore, when customers use promotional products in their daily lives, they serve as a constant reminder of the company, further strengthening recognition.

Overall, promotional products are an impactful way to increase brand recognition and establish a strong brand identity.

5. Customer Loyalty

85% of people do business with their advertisers after receiving promo items. (Whitaker)

Adding promotional products in your campaign can create customer loyalty by fostering a personal connection between the individual and the brand. When an individual receives a gift, they can feel valued and appreciated, especially if the promotional product is personalized. A positive experience can increase customer satisfaction and a stronger emotional connection to the brand.

Promotional products can also be used as a reward for customer and employee loyalty through a loyalty and recruitment program, incentivizing individuals to continue to support and engage with the company.

Overall, promotional products are a strong way to foster and strengthen the relationship between the company and its customers, clients, and employees.


Including branded promotional products and apparel in your sales and marketing strategy will be a crucial component to building meaningful relationships with your audience and expanding your brand awareness.

At MOSAIC, we are not just printing logos on products. From merchandising a corporate event to rebranding an existing company or simply updating a marketing initiative, we know what works and what does not. We will collaborate closely with you to find or create custom products that get your message across and meet your goals. Let us help you turn your employees and customers into brand ambassadors with branded apparel and customized promotional items!

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Our three-step approach in leveraging promotional products will help you and your team to ensure that both your promotional items and your brand stand out in the minds of consumers.

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