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As marketers, we spend a lot of time developing our brand. The way its executed is integral to its success. We create style and usage guides, then hope that well-meaning coworkers and vendors follow the rules. We often end up being the brand police to ensure that everyone follows best practices. Depending on the size of your company, that can create a big bottleneck. What if there were a way to control your brand, increase efficiency, and provide your coworkers with an on-demand branding experience all in one solution? Well, there is—a branded storefront.

Your Single Source of Truth

Branded storefronts are password-protected, web-based portals. Employees know this URL is an approved source to download their company’s branded materials and collateral. Logo files, business card templates, PowerPoint templates, and photos are typical examples of assets that members of your organization can access. The marketing team typically loads these assets into the system and updates them as needed, thus ensuring they meet brand standards.  

Once launched, the benefits of a storefront almost felt immediately. Coworkers can quickly access the files they need without contacting another person or department. They know these are the latest files that have already been approved to use. On the other end, the marketing team isn’t bogged down by multiple calls asking for the latest logo or file. Administrators of the site can upload the latest files one time, to one place. They don’t have to disseminate and keep track of updates. This workflow and single source of truth saves time and drastically lowers the possibility or error for users and administrators. 

Digital Asset Storage, OnDemand Digital and Print, and Branded Items— All in One Place

A branded storefront is similar to a typical Digital Asset Management system (DAM) but more powerful in a few respects. Like a DAM, it can be a one-stop-shop for everything branded. But unlike a DAM, users can customize and order print and digital collateral. They can even upload email and address lists and send email and direct mail campaigns with variable text and variable photos. The possibilities are endless. 

Branded storefronts are useful to any organization, but especially if your organization has multiple locations around the country or the globe. No matter where they are, or in what time zone, individuals can easily access the files they need while the marketing team will have the confidence that those assets will present your brand consistently and correctly, staying within the branding rules and styles of the organization. every time. Once you get it, a branded storefront may be one of the tools that you may not be able to live without. 

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