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MOSAIC has witnessed many technological advancements in its 75+ years in the printing industry. We have always embraced change and prided ourselves on delivering exceptional customer value by adapting to change and being a disruptor in the marketplace.

Today, high-speed inkjet printing has crossed a threshold that is creating seismic waves, and MOSAIC is not just a participant or bit player in adopting this cutting-edge technology. We have once again adapted and made significant investments in our production line to innovate and offer solutions that will provide our clients with a competitive edge. With our new Screen Truepress Jet 520 HD+, 4-color inkjet digital press, we can assure our clients that we are staying ahead of the curve and providing the best printing solutions. 

How is high-speed inkjet printing revolutionizing the industry and why is it such a big deal for our clients?

Speed: Creating Opportunities

The standout feature of high-speed inkjet printing is, of course, its speed. It’s all about getting things done quicker without compromising quality. This is a huge opportunity for businesses and campaigns that would benefit by getting to market faster  – something MOSAIC understands and can deliver on. For saddle-stitched publications, MOSAIC’s production line is the most efficient and automated saddle-stitching print solution in the country. We have reshaped how we approach and deliver printing solutions, so we can get your product to market faster than ever before. 

Personalization: No limits

Variable, targeted content is becoming a must-have in most industries, and MOSAIC has the personnel, experience, and tools to make it happen. Being able to customize photos and messaging isn’t new, but being able to produce it quickly and economically is revolutionary. Imagine being able to print and bind a 400-page perfect bound book with practically unlimited variable content anywhere in the publication and turning it around quickly. From a printed roll, a book is output in under 6 seconds. It’s jaw-dropping to see it in action.  

 Quality: No more worries. 

High-speed inkjet quality has now passed the test and fits right into our ethos at MOSAIC of delivering nothing but the best. It can now deliver high quality with flexibility. At the onset, we spoke about passing a threshold. For high-speed inkjet, quality is probably the most scrutinized example. Whether it’s smooth tones, vibrant color, or intricate detail, this technology now passes the test.   

Cost-Effective: More Bang for Your Buck

Let’s talk about the bottom line. High-speed inkjet printing is not just about doing things faster; it’s also about doing them more economically. The per-unit intrinsic value is off the charts. What you are getting for the money is unheard of is printing.   

Impact Across the Board: High-speed inkjet printing isn’t just changing the game for us; it’s reshaping entire industries. 

Publishing:  A New Chapter

For publishers, this technology means smaller, more targeted print runs are now a viable option. It’s all about being agile and responsive to the market, something we pride ourselves on at MOSAIC. 

Marketing and Advertising:  Turning Heads

In marketing and advertising, high-speed inkjet printing gives the creatives permission to think out of the box and bring ideas to the table that were once economically unfeasible. It brings ideas to life with personalized, eye-catching printing that makes people take notice.  

Corporate Communications:  Keeping Pace

For the corporate world, the fast turnaround and quality of high-speed inkjet printing are invaluable. It’s about keeping up with the fast-paced corporate rhythm, and we’re here to ensure that happens. Orders are leaving the shop quicker than ever before. 

In Conclusion

We believe high-speed inkjet printing is more than just a technological advancement; it’s a major shift in how we think about and execute printing solutions. Its impact is profound, offering speed, quality, efficiency, and the ability to communicate your message more efficiently to your audiences because at the end of the day, our success is directly tied to yours. As a disruptor in the printing world, MOSAIC is challenging and reshaping the norms and practices of the industry, bringing about positive changes, fostering innovation, and driving the industry forward in new and unexpected ways. Don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss the possibilities.