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Liz Lilly

 HR Manager

Liz’s firm belief in a people-first approach empowers her to cultivate a workplace where employees thrive, supporting our company’s success.

As the HR Manager at MOSAIC, Liz delivers a full spectrum of HR support. She is passionate about being the best resource for the company and its employees. She believes that balance and working together to achieve common goals for the company is ultimately what leads to success. Being able to create unity is what gives MOSAIC a competitive advantage, as well as the ability to give clients the best experience possible.

Prior to this role, Liz knew that she wanted to make a difference with her work. Being able to make a positive impact is what Liz is most proud of. Her broad experience includes benefits, employee relations, payroll, talent acquisition and management. She handles every aspect of the company’s activities with a smile and a positive attitude that reflects her devotion to her work.

Liz holds a Society for Human Resource Management-Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) certificate.

Liz Lilly MOSAIC employee