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High-speed Inkjet: A New Era of Printing

Embark on a transformative journey with MOSAIC as you step into the future with our revolutionary roll-fed digital print technology. For more than 75 years, MOSAIC has been at the forefront of innovation, consistently delivering customized print and digital communication solutions that have shaped industries. Now, our new roll-fed digital press stands as a pinnacle of this enduring commitment, representing not just a technological leap but a holistic approach to elevating your organization’s communication capabilities.

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Saddle-Stitched Publications

Customize photos and messaging anywhere in your publication. This dream strategy can now be economically achieved in multi-page publications. Excite and engage your readers with relative content that will raise the value of your organization. Our production line is the most efficient and automated saddle-stitching print solution in the country. Turnaround times have accelerated so we can get your product to market faster than ever.

Customize every photo, font and word on your direct mail.

MOSAIC’s next generation digital & inkjet technologies will improve your ROI. MOSAIC can deliver more complex, data-driven direct mail, offering complete customization and personalization of every message. With our continuous feed workflow, which increases your speed to market, your direct mail becomes more timely and relevant, supporting both acquisition and retention. Ultimately, this boosts the customer experience and your bottom line.

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Version soft-bound books on the fly.

Print a book of one, or fifty, or five-hundred all in a single print run of thousands. We can version “on the fly” and be as flexible with the copy, images, and quantity as you need. No more unders. No more overs. No more warehousing. Your content can always be up to date. We can create a print program that will churn out and fulfill orders on a weekly or monthly basis. This is not the same digital printing that has been around for decades. Let us show you!

In this era of rapid advancements, MOSAIC’s roll-fed digital print technology redefines the norm, breaking away from conventional printing practices. It’s not merely a printer; it’s a catalyst for change, an instrument designed to revolutionize the way you approach publication strategy and execution. Picture a scenario where your publications materialize swiftly, with precision and efficiency, saving you invaluable time and resources. MOSAIC’s roll-fed digital press isn’t just a tool; it’s a strategic asset, empowering you to engage with your audience dynamically and effectively.

Our commitment to innovation ensures that our roll-fed digital press remains at the cutting edge of technology. It seamlessly blends precision and versatility, offering you the capability to produce publications of exceptional quality at a pace that was once deemed unattainable. This technology isn’t bound by the limitations of traditional printing; it opens doors to new possibilities, allowing your association to adapt to the dynamic needs of today and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Need it faster?

We have a solution.

From conventional and UV offset, to the latest in high-speed digital solutions, MOSAIC’s wide array of print technology allows us to offer in-house solutions that others cannot.

Speed it up!
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