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MOSAIC’s Employee Ownership

A culture of ownership that permeates what we stand for.

Ownership not only means we own the company but it’s also the culture at MOSAIC. We know that the work we do has a direct effect on our own pockets. It changes the way we think.

Over the decades, MOSAIC has proudly established a solid reputation within our community for being an employee-focused company. In 2018, the owners of MOSAIC solidified this reputation by making the strategic decision to sell 100% of the company to its employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). When the idea of becoming employee-owned was first proposed, our union employees were included in the decision-making, creating a unique ESOP opportunity for all MOSAIC employees, union and non-union, to become employee-owners.

As a result, we now have a culture of ownership in which every employee’s commitment drives the company’s success. Our talented employee-owners feel more empowered than ever that their individual efforts make a meaningful and direct impact on the success of the company. Not only is it evident in our client’s projects, but also in every in-house meeting and company-wide event. We celebrate being an ESOP every day because we OWN IT.

Our ESOP Culture Committee

Our ESOP Culture Committee is made up of 10 non-managerial union and nonunion employee-owners representing every department at MOSAIC. This internal committee meets monthly, enabling us to streamline communication between people and departments. They develop ideas on how to increase efficiency and improve processes. They also strategize and bring solutions about strengthening the culture of ownership and clarifying what it means to be an employee-owner.

Allyson MOSAIC team

Allison – Sales

Nikki MOSAIC team

Nikki – Promo

Samantha Mongelluzzo MOSAIC team

Samantha – Creative

A smiling man with short hair wearing a collared shirt and jacket against a neutral background, representing Employee Ownership.

Todd – Customer Service


Raymond – Customer Service

Ben Walker MOSAIC team

Ben – Press

Rob E MOSAIC team

Rob – Fulfillment

Rob B MOSAIC team

Rob – Prepress


Oscar – Mailing

Ginny Johnson MOSAIC team

Ginny – Accounting


Skinner – Finishing

Lisa Foscone MOSAIC team

Lisa – Sales