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Rob Enders

Rob Enders, Warehouse Fulfillment Manager

Rob Enders knows the importance of convenience.

His 20 years of experience in personalization, fulfillment and mailing operations is invaluable in supporting MOSAIC’s goal of providing a seamless experience for the customer. Rob has a proven knack for growing business. After studying Electrical Engineering at Drexel University, he moved to Charlotte, NC to be an equipment operator with First Union National Bank where he eventually became the department manager and quintupled their output. He was then recruited by American Bank Note and led their personalization and mailing growth from 600,000 pieces to 5,000,000 in just 3 years. As the Operations-Fulfillment Center Manager with MOSAIC, Rob recognizes the importance of the personal touch we offer to our customers from the front door to the back dock because it not only represents our company, but also, our customer. Rob is now spearheading the implementation of new software for our fulfillment center; a program to enhance the customer experience by easing their order process and providing better inventory management in real time.