Rick Gochnauer

Scheduling Manager

Rick Gochnauer works tirelessly to assure every client’s job is completed quickly and efficiently without compromising quality.

Rick has experience working in every aspect of the pressroom and moved into prepress and publishing when computers were introduced to the industry. To say that Rick knows printing would be an understatement, as his experience spans several decades. He has embraced the technological changes that have come over time and challenges himself and his team to utilize the latest and greatest techniques—not only to improve our internal processes, but also the end product for our customers. As MOSAIC’s Scheduling Manager, we rely on Rick’s vast experience to effectively move work through the plant. Rick works closely with nearly everyone in the company from department managers to account managers to pressmen. His ability to anticipate issues and develop a plan to complete each project is an invaluable skill that brings a great deal of value to our customers and helps assure that MOSAIC can make deliveries on time at the highest quality. While technological improvements will help launch MOSAIC forward with advancements in our industry, Rick readily admits that it’s our people and personalized service that really make the difference.