Mike Stief

Chief Operating Officer

Mike Stief sells peace of mind.

As MOSAIC’s Chief Operating Officer, Mike brings over 35 years of experience in the printing industry. In 2007, Mike completed his coursework at the Harvard Business School, an invaluable experience to boost his already impressive résumé. In his own words, “Harvard Business School was an unparalleled opportunity to enhance my business skills, innovate with others, expand my network, and prepare for new challenges. Through its valuable feedback loop, HBS empowered me to try new ideas and evaluate results with the help of HBS faculty and peers.” Mike’s success with clients both internally and externally is described using one word: trust. Mike endeavors to provide fluid communications at all levels of the company and finds great value in the opportunity of mentoring. If there is one thing he has learned from his mentors, it’s that surrounding yourself with excellence and willing “students” fosters numerous opportunities to grow, learn, and succeed. Mike believes that management’s strength is due to the diversity of strengths and weaknesses among its team members. At the forefront of Mike’s priorities is constant support for the client. MOSAIC’s printing capabilities, coupled with the integrated services we offer, give MOSAIC the unique niche to develop cohesive client-centric solutions.