Ben Walker

Pressroom Manager

Ben Walker exemplifies the success that can be achieved through teamwork.

After nearly 40 years in the printing industry, he knows how important it is to balance the strengths of his colleagues to achieve goals. As MOSAIC’s Pressroom Manager, Ben leads his team by example and is always hands-on when it comes to solving a problem – after all, troubleshooting is just one aspect of his job that he is passionate about. Over the past few decades, printing has changed immensely—paper composition is different, ink chemistry has changed to be environmentally safe, press technologies and capabilities have improved, design has become increasingly complex, and turn-around time has significantly decreased. Each of these changes requires a willingness to learn new processes and necessitates a desire for process improvement. Ben recognizes these needs and faces the challenges head-on. He requires excellence from his team—striving to exceed client expectations and provide the “wow” factor that clients desire—but he couldn’t achieve this without a dedicated team, strong managerial support and a positive workplace. Ben wholeheartedly believes that the teamwork mentality at MOSAIC is just one way we set ourselves apart from the competition.