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Six Essential Marketing Tools for Membership Organizations


13 Nov Six Essential Marketing Tools for Membership Organizations

As organizations continue to adapt and follow membership patterns the line between traditional and digital marketing continues to blur. The concept is if you build your strategy catered to your target audience, they will come. In today’s world of unlimited capabilities and marketing channels it can become overwhelming to pinpoint what is truly effective. According to the CMO Spend Survey 2015: Eye on the Buyer, 50% of businesses in 2015 nearly doubled their spending in marketing (both online and offline). This translates to intense competition and increased consumer buying power. Here are some of MOSAIC’s efficient and budget-conscious tools to leverage your organization’s marketing efforts.

Begin by strictly defining who you are: What is your story in 30 seconds or less? This question establishes the main reasons members should choose your organization or product offering over competitors. Outline the core services you have to offer and the member needs you can exclusively deliver. Make a list of keywords to perceive what your members need to feel and think about your organization in order to drive more conversions. Identify the major influencers in your industry and optimize what to say to whom and when to say it. Keep these concepts simple to create the most relevant brand driver that will feed into every brand message.

Get the data you need to make intelligent marketing and business decisions. Google Analytics is an accurate and quick solution that lends insight into your membership activity. It offers the ability to learn your member profile across advertisements, videos, social tools, websites, tablets, smartphones and more. This analyzes visitor traffic to understand what people are looking for and see what they like about you. Gaining knowledge about how members find and use your site illustrates how to keep them coming back. In essence, Google Analytics is crucial because it lends you the tools to measure, learn and grow.

Step out of your comfort zone and get social: Unlike traditional advertising options such as television, radio and direct mailers, social media and social sharing allows you to actively interact with your potential members. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube provide new opportunities to stimulate engagement with your desired audience every minute of every day. Research proves social media continues to be an effective method for boosting two-way member communication, feedback, click-throughs and shares. 72% of all Internet users are now on social media, make sure you have a say in the conversation.

When potential members come searching, make sure they can find you. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of driving traffic to your website from free search results on search engines. SEO requires continuous optimization to be recognized and acknowledged by current and potential members. The overall goal is to appear in key search terms relevant to your organization. This process is noted as both a science and an art, using a combination of on-site and off-site efforts. PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising can help boost your exposure, by paying the publisher or host of a website based upon how many times your advertisement is clicked. Paid Search Advertising is a similar tactic to be considered, where advertisers buy top positions on search results for targeted keywords and phrases. Use this to protect your brand against competitors and purchase higher positions for keywords that your organization would not rank for organically.

Your message must synchronize with your creative. It’s important to be passionate about your creative in order to ensure brand consistency across all platforms. The message you are pushing out with collateral, multimedia, branding, web and digital, is just as important as how you send it. Additionally, stand out from the rest of the web by using creative and original photography. While there is a growing number of stock photo websites, including high quality free stock photos, it is imperative to use original photos on your website and throughout your marketing. On any communications level, photos and images are a way to express what you are trying to say in a visual form. Since image and photo-based websites, such as Pinterest, are extremely popular in the industry, it is necessary to include an original image with your content that will make your post “pinnable.” An original photo or image will go much further on a visual platform than choosing an overused stock image.

Do not just buy an ad to buy an ad. The world is changing: we used to live in a place where your message must be delivered in :60seconds and now we have 140 characters to reach our members in a crowded marketplace. Creating the right advertising budget and making an upfront investment can pull your organization up faster in the search rankings. From a holistic perspective, researching your analytics to define what members you want to reach, with what advertising buys is a vital to a campaign’s success. Plan the right strategy at the right time. Then, check that strategy to make sure it is the right fit for all members. Implementing a strategy that does not have the whole team in mind could cause more damage than good. In other words, remember not to put all your eggs in one basket. Organizations can successfully and thoroughly reach an audience with multiple communication channels at different times.



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