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MOSAIC 2015 Calendar

About This Project

When a new year calls for a refresh, there’s truly no place like home. The pristine beauty native to our nation’s capitol is as diverse as the communities they surround and as distinct as the seasonal changes they undergo. MOSAIC celebrates 2015 with the natural wonders of our own backyard. From the glasslike calm of the Chester River, to the undulating marsh of the Broad Kill River, to the mesmerizing sunsets underscored by swollen waves on the Delaware Bay, this is a tale of adventure at our roots. Photographer Kevin Fleming perfectly captures the uninhibited vistas that backdrop our heritage. After traversing the globe for National Geographic to nearly 30 countries—including Somalia, the Mediterranean, and the Canadian arctic—he has refocused his vision on the homegrown. This appreciation of local culture brings to life a novel perspective on traditions and legacy. At MOSAIC, we extend beyond spectator into storyteller. A picture may say a thousand words, but it’s just the conversation starter. By melding recognized methodology with forwardthinking systems, we create new value through engaging content and on-brand voice that resonates with audiences. Frame by frame, we remain committed as ever to quality while continuing to break ground in unprecedented space, offering services in Integrated Marketing and Data-Driven Design. Please enjoy this calendar as a kick-start to 2015 and a source of organic inspiration throughout the year. Regardless of where you call home, we are thrilled to share our story and discover new horizons with you.


January 01, 2015

Print Communications
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